Meeting Your Healthcare Financing Needs 

Do you work in health care, perhaps as a dentist, chiropractor or veterinarian? We at Bosley Financial Group offer healthcare financing for your practice; options include working capital, expansion loans, improvement loans, practice acquisition loans and equipment financing.

Working Capital

Use our working capital loans in any way that you deem necessary to enrich your medical practice. Benefits of this type of healthcare financing include:

  • Generous terms of up to 72 months
  • No upfront payments necessary
  • Loans not reported to personal credit bureaus
  • Applicable for any number of reasons such as expanding your practice or consolidating debt

Application only to $75,000. Full financials up to $250,000.

Debt Consolidation

No more juggling multiple monthly payments and varying interest rates. Consolidate your debt with us, and make only one low monthly payment. If you apply now, you could get approved in 24 hours and pay off your debt in one week.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Any healthcare practice requires medical equipment. With our healthcare financing, you have several payment options; you can even get up to 50 percent of soft costs covered. Need both a lease and loan? No problem.

Practice Acquisitions

Whether you plan to expand your practice through merging with another one or buying out a partner, Bosley Financial Group offers one hundred percent financing to qualified medical professionals.

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Get in touch with us today, and we’ll send you a loan application. Or if you’d rather, we can have someone contact you with more details.