It has never been a more exciting time than now to open a new business. Most states make it very easy to file incorporating papers, and you can get just about any information you need online about insurance, licensing, banking or anything else that is required for your particular endeavor. If you’re going to be transporting tools, delivering materials or doing anything else that requires a truck or van, consider some of the following reasons why new business owners are leasing commercial vehicles.


When there’s competition in the marketplace, creating and maintaining a clean, professional image is important for winning bids. The more distinct your brand, the better the recognition. If you need a fleet of vehicles, for example, you can ensure a high-quality, consistent look.

Employee Engagement

There’s a certain amount of pride in driving a shiny, new automobile. Drivers feel confident about their vehicle’s ability to stop, accelerate and handle. They also feel better about themselves and are more likely to take good care of the truck or van that they operate.


Using a vehicle that technically belongs to someone else allows you to streamline. With a warranty and maintenance plan, you won’t need to worry about breakdowns or about putting up additional funds for servicing. You’ll also get great support from the dealership, which is not usually the case if you were to purchase an older automobile.


At the end of the lease, you get to decide what to do. Should you lease another new vehicle? Or should you purchase the one that you’ve been using for the past few years? At that point, your business will have been in place for a few years, and you’ll know if perhaps a different type of automobile will suit your operations better.


Leasing commercial vehicles offer the opportunity to use a top-end automobile for a very competitive price. Oftentimes a portion of the soft costs (shipping, taxes, etc.) can be financed, eliminating the need to put a lot of capital into the arrangement. Additionally, most leases come with a low or zero down payment. This gives you even more room to grow your business. Finally, with owned automobiles, there’s always that unknown factor of what maintenance and failures will cost. That liability is virtually eliminated by means of a lease.

Equipment is a major cost of doing business, and as you can see, there are several advantages to leasing commercial vehicles for a new venture. Dialing in your fleet can be the first step towards bigger contracts and steadier profits.